Kim Baxley Wilson

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Kim Baxley Wilson is a jill of all trades. Her resume includes years spent teaching people how to use personal computers and write code in HTML at Columbus State University, training and being a decision support data analyst at St. Francis Hospital, a stint as Internet Marketing Director for an ATM manufacturer, 19 years as a doula, a foodie, a blogger, a mom, a musician, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Her first website was a Geocities site in 1996, and from there she was hooked. She launched her first business page on her AOL member space in 1998 using Front Page and never looked back.

Kim’s love of the internet and all things technical, combined with her seemingly infinite patience and ability to connect with people, makes her uniquely suited to help guide you through the process of defining your branding goals, deciding what steps to take to implement those goals, delivering you a quality web and social media presence, and deploying it in a manner that is both professional and stress free.