Social Media Matters

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I can hear you now… “I have a website, why do I need social media?”¬†Your website is important. If you’ve forgotten why (or you need a reminder) read this article. You’ve spent time trying to figure out how to make everything line up the way you want it to. Or you’ve spent money for someone else to make it the way you want it to be. Either way…it’s an important investment. But it doesn’t stop there….

What IS “Social Media”?

Social media is any of the websites, programs, or apps that let you interact with your audience in a social way. It’s interactive. It’s fun. It’s happening constantly. It’s how you’re going to engage your customers and show them exactly why they need to hang out with you in the marketplace.

Comparison of Platforms

HUGE thanks to for making this awesome infographic to explain things so perfectly!


Our Promise to You

We will help you figure out where your customers are and what social media they’re using. We’ll help you figure out the best ways to reach them without making them block you for overwhelming them with advertising. We’ll be your friend on Facebook and we’ll retweet your Tweets.