Why You Should Shop Local

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ShopLocal-logoDo You Shop Local?

You’ve heard it a million times… Shop Local. There are websites devoted to it. There are days devoted to it. As a local service provider, of COURSE I’m going to tell you to do it. It might be “trendy” but it’s also really important!

What’s the Big Deal?

ShopLocally.com says it best (Seriously… go check out their page because they have a very comprehensive list!)

When you shop with local merchants, more of your money stays close to home; supporting the parks, recreation centers, libraries and other things that make this community a great place to live.

But what does that mean for your business?  It means that you’re working with professionals who understand your community and how things run around here. We know when proms are and what that means for your photography business. We know when rivalry week is, and how that will impact your sale of chicken wings. We are not just a phone call away…but also just a trip to the coffee shop to talk about how things are going. We care.

Our Promise to You

We won’t interrupt your dinner to talk about business. We won’t call you during the Ga/Auburn game. We will be there for you when you need us. We’ll meet you for wings…or coffee…to discuss your business and get to know you. And the music will always be good.